Deezil's Dungeon of Chaos

Results from DunDraCon 36

The sponsored game at DunDraCon 36 was a success. Great fun was had by all. Players made it through three levels. Here are the results of the randomness:

I didn’t keep track of character races, but noticed that there were a lot of the shorter races (Gnomes & Halflings) followed by a bunch of Half-Elves and others.

Rogue / Druid / Barbarian
Druid / Paladin / Barbarian
Rogue / Barbarian / Ranger
Rogue / Bard (missing notes for third class)
Wizard / Barbarian / Sorcerer
Monk / Monk / Monk
Cleric / Sorcerer / Cleric

The boss fights came out as follows:

A Choker Ranger and his band of Stirges.
An Ogre Sorcerer and his Azer bodyguards.
A Gelatinous Cube Monk and four Troll Skeletons.



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