Deezil's Dungeon of Chaos

Results from DunDraCon 36

The sponsored game at DunDraCon 36 was a success. Great fun was had by all. Players made it through three levels. Here are the results of the randomness:

I didn’t keep track of character races, but noticed that there were a lot of the shorter races (Gnomes & Halflings) followed by a bunch of Half-Elves and others.

Rogue / Druid / Barbarian
Druid / Paladin / Barbarian
Rogue / Barbarian / Ranger
Rogue / Bard (missing notes for third class)
Wizard / Barbarian / Sorcerer
Monk / Monk / Monk
Cleric / Sorcerer / Cleric

The boss fights came out as follows:

A Choker Ranger and his band of Stirges.
An Ogre Sorcerer and his Azer bodyguards.
A Gelatinous Cube Monk and four Troll Skeletons.

Excerpt from Playtest #1

As the group ventured down into the third level of the dungeon, Lagduff began to miss his Elven ears. These Dwarven ones were vastly inferior by comparison. The irritating sound of the Fighter’s chainmail was gone, but so were the subtle sounds of the occupants of the dungeon skulking about. More than once the pointy ears came in handy to avoid an ambush by goblins or worse.

As he walked in silence, he noticed something and stopped dead in his tracks; almost knocked down by his comrades since he stopped so abruptly. Something about the stone corridor ahead of him was bothering him; so much, in fact, that he refused to set foot on it. Bending down to get a better look, he realized the reason for his apprehension: there was a seam in the stonework. Looking beyond he could see a similar seam forming a 10-foot square in the corridor. A pit trap? This was the first trap they encountered in the dungeon, and had it not been for the Dwarves’ affinity with stone, Lagduff would have walked right into it. Suddenly he didn’t miss those pointy ears.

Having a certain skill with traps, Lagduff was able to bypass the trap entirely; allowing his comrades to walk over it without fear of setting it off. Not long after crossing it, however, someone from the rear of the party alerted the others that there was a group of humanoids approaching from up ahead. Gnomes. A party of Gnomish warriors, carrying a dead adventurer on a pole slung across their shoulders. Lagduff instructed the others to back up beyond the pit trap to hide in the previous room. When they were safely across, Lagduff removed the spike he used to bypass the pit trap, leaving it active. He then retreated to join his comrades. A few moments of giddy anticipation later, they heard the commotion as the entire group of Gnomes fell into the pit trap, impaling themselves on the spikes below.

“Get a rope. Let’s see what they’ve got worth keeping.”

Playtesting Character Results

Half-Orc Barbarian / Human Wizard / Half-Elf Druid / Half-Elf Barbarian
Human Monk / Elf Ranger / Halfling Barbarian / Half-Elf Fighter
Halfling Rogue / Elf Fighter / Human Bard / Human Rogue
Half-Orc Rogue / Human Sorcerer / Human Paladin / Human Druid


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