Chaos Die

The Chaos Die is my personal d30. If you have an available Chaos Point (by saving it during the level up process), you may spend it to roll the Chaos Die in place of any d20 roll you would make. A few things happen:

1) The Chaos Die can never result in a fumble.
2) Any rolled result less than 10 is considered to be a 10.
3) If you roll 20 or higher, your roll is considered to be a natural 20. Critical threat confirmation rolls use a d20 as usual.
3) If you roll a 30, you have performed a feat so fantastic that bards will be exaggerating it for centuries and still not doing it justice. In game terms, consider it an auto-win for the current encounter. You will have the option to create your own event, or I will create one for you. Here is an example:

You are attempting to Tumble across a balance beam over a bottomless pit with Orc archers in murder holes along the sides. When you begin to move, you feel the cosmos bend to your every whim. Time and space become playthings. You giggle at the Orcs’ feeble attempts to do you harm. As the arrows are loosed, you continue to twirl and spin, bending the trajectory of each arrow and directing them toward the Orc that shot them. Each arrow plants itself squarely in the right eye of each Orc, killing them instantly. The number of Orcs killed in this fashion is so great, they fall into the bottomless pit and fill it to the brim with dead Orcs. Your fellow adventurers may safely traverse the pile of fallen enemies.

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Chaos Die

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