Class Abilities

For each character level gained, you may spend up to two Chaos Points to purchase class abilities from those available to you from your class list. Class abilities may have character level or class ability requirements to qualify. Class abilities may be taken once.


  • When the Spells class ability is chosen, add the spell slots of the level taken to those you currently have.
  • If the class uses spells known, choose them when you gain that level of Spells.
  • Bonus spell slots for a high attribute may come from only one class, chosen each day.
  • Unlike other class abilities, levels of Spells may be used to qualify for higher levels of Spells from other classes. Bard Spells 2 may be used to qualify for Wizard Spells 3, for example, even if you do not Wizard Spells 1 or 2. You gain only the spell slots and spells known from the current Spells ability chosen.
  • If you have a class that can convert spells to spontaneously cast a different spell (such as Clerics with casting Cure/Inflict Wounds), you may substitute an equivalent spell level from any class to cast the spontaneous spell.
  • Clerics will have one domain spell for each Cleric spell level they have the ability to cast (by taking the Cleric Spells class ability). For example: if you only have 2nd level Cleric spells, by taking Cleric Spells 3 without taking 1 or 2, you will have only one 2nd level domain spell.

Class Lists


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Class Abilities

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