Char Lvl Req. Class Ability Prerequisite
1 Animal Companion
1 Nature Sense
1 Wild Empathy
1 Shapeshift (Predator Form)
1 Druid Spells 1
2 Woodland Stride
2 Druid Spells 2 Spells 1
3 Trackless Step
3 Druid Spells 3 Spells 2
4 Resist Nature’s Lure
4 Druid Spells 4 Spells 3
5 Shapeshift (Aerial Form) Shapeshift (Predator Form)
5 Druid Spells 5 Spells 4
6 Druid Spells 6 Spells 5
7 Druid Spells 7 Spells 6
8 Druid Spells 8 Spells 7
8 Shapeshift (Ferocious Slayer Form) Shapeshift (Aerial Form)
9 Venom Immunity
9 Druid Spells 9 Spells 8
10 Druid Spells 10 Spells 9

Shapeshift (Predator Form): As a Swift action, you may assume the form of a predatory creature, such as a wolf or panther. You retain the size, ability scores, hit dice, hit points, base saving throw bonuses, base attack bonus, and skill ranks of your natural form. You keep all extraordinary, supernatural, and spell-like special attacks and qualities of your natural form, unless your new form lacks the body part required for use. All held, worn, and carried equipment melds into your new form and becomes nonfunctional until you return to your natural form. You cannot speak, and your limbs lack the precision to perform tasks requiring fine manipulation. You can’t cast spells or activate magic items while shapeshifted. Natural attacks gained from shapeshifting gain a +1 enhancement bonus for every 4 class levels, and at 4th level (where you get the first +1 bonus) your natural attacks are considered magic. You also gain:

  • Natural Attack: Bite for 1d6 damage (medium size)
  • +4 enhancement bonus to Strength
  • Base Land Speed increases to 50’
  • +4 Natural Armor bonus
  • At 4th class level, you gain Mobility as a bonus feat in Predator Form

Shapeshift (Aerial Form): As Predator form above, except the form is of a flying creature such as an eagle, vulture, or bat.

  • Natural Attack: Talons for 1d6 damage (medium size)
  • +2 enhancement bonus to Strength
  • +2 enhancement bonus to Reflex saves
  • +2 Natural Armor bonus
  • Fly Speed of 40’ (good maneuverability)
  • At 7th class level, you gain Flyby Attack as a bonus feat in Aerial Form

Shapeshift (Ferocious Slayer Form): As Predator form above, except the form is of a large and fierce predatory creature such as a bear, tiger, or dire wolf.

  • Primary Natural Attack: Bite for 1d8 damage (medium size)
  • Secondary Natural Attack: 2 Claws for 1d6 damage each (medium size)
  • Your size increases by +1 step (with a reach of 5’)
  • +8 enhancement bonus to Strength
  • +4 enhancement bonus to Fortitude saves
  • +8 Natural Armor bonus
  • Base Land Speed increases to 40’
  • At 10th class level, you gain Improved Critical (Bite) and Improved Critical (Claw) as bonus feats in Ferocious Slayer Form

Druid Spells per Day

Class Ability 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Druid Spells 1 2 1
Druid Spells 2 2 1
Druid Spells 3 1
Druid Spells 4 1 1
Druid Spells 5 1 1
Druid Spells 6 1 1
Druid Spells 7 1 1 1
Druid Spells 8 1 1
Druid Spells 9 1 1
Druid Spells 10 1 1

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